Glossary of Nutritional Terms

Dried Skimmed Milk Protein, lactose (milk sugar - carbohydrate of choice for baby mammals) and minerals
Dried Whey Protein, lactose, and minerals remaining after cheese manufacturing
Dried Whey Product Protein, lactose, minerals concentrated by removal of part of the lactose component
(Dried milk protein)
Primary milk protein in milk (excellent amino acid profile)
Dried Milk Albumin Lactalbumin is the primary protein in whey (excellent amino acid profile)
Dried Whey Protein
High protein (about 34%) modified whey product obtained through fractionation of whey via ultrafiltration
Soy Protein Isolate Isolated protein of soybeans with carbohydrate fraction removed. 90% protein, suspendable in water, fiber free
Soy Protein Concentrate Specially processed soybean protein with the water soluble carbohydrates and hulls removed. (67% protein)
Soy Flour Heat processed, finely ground soybean meal (50% protein)
Dried Plasma FSpray dried plasma that has been seperated from red and white blood cells by chemical and mechanical processing. Milk Products uses only plasma of porcine (pig) origin.
Animal Fat For energy, slick hair coat. Fat has 2.25 times the energy of carbohydrates
Polyoxyethylene Glycol
(400 mono & dioleates)
Emulsifier to aid in the dispersal of fat in solution
Lecithin Stabilizer and emulsifier; enhances digestion of fat. Has nutritional value (contains phospholipids)
Vitamin A Supplement Stimulates the immune system. Essential for normal vision, cellular function and maintenance of epithelial linings of respiratory, reproductive, and digestive tracts. Helps prevent night blindness, skin problems, and blind, deaf and weak calves.
Vitamin D3 Supplement Source of Vitamin D3. Normal bone growth, absorption of calcium of phosphorus; mobilization of calcium and phosphorus. Helps prevent rickets and osteomalacia.
Vitamin E Supplement Source of Vitamin E. Augments the immune response. Is an antioxidant, functions synergistically with selenium.
Source of Vitamin K activity. Required for blood clotting and helps prevent hemorrhages.
Choline Chloride B-Vitamin (Choline). Essential for fat metabolism and nerve impulse transmission. Aids in digestion and absorption of phospholipids
Niacin (water soluble) B-Vitamin. Functions as a co-enzyme in many oxidation-reduction reactions.
Riboflavin Supplement B-Vitamin. Functions as a co-enzyme in many reactions related to the release of energy from protein.
Calcium Pantothenate B-Vitamin (pantothenic acid). Functions as a co-enzyme essential for synthesis and breakdown of fats.
Biotin (water soluble) B-Vitamin. Needed for enzyme components. Deficiency causes poor or decreased growth
Vitamin B12 B-Vitamin. Needed for methyl group synthesis from simple carbon units or precursors. Helps prevent pernicious anemia.
Thiamine Mononitrate B-Vitamin (Thiamine). Helps body utilize carbohydrates for energy.
Folic Acid B-Vitamin. Required in enzymes that are involved in simple carbon transfer.
Calcium Carbonate Source of calcium which aids in bone and tooth development.
Dicalcium Phosphate Source of phosphorus and calcium. Phosphorus is vital in bone formation and utilization of energy.
Sodium Selenite Inorganic source of selenium to prevent white muscle disease. Synergistic with Vitamin E.
Magnesium Sulfate Source of Magnesium, an activator of many enzymes, ATP, Energy metabolism. Helps prevent irritability, tetany.
Zinc Sulfate Source of Zinc. It is needed for protein, carbohydrate, fat and nucleic acid metabolism. Deficiencies may cause decreased weight gains, lowered feed efficiency, poor hair coat, skin problems, slow healing wounds and listlessness.
Ferrous Sulfate Source of Iron. Is part of hemoglobin and prevents anemia.
Copper Sulfate Source of Copper. It is needed for manufacture of hemoglobin. Enhances iron absorption. Deficiencies may result in severe diarrhea, abnormal appetite, poor growth, coarse bleached or graying hair coat, and osteomalacia.
Cobalt Sulfate Source of Cobalt- part of Vitamin B12. It is needed for growth of rumen microorganisms. It helps prevent anemia. Deficiency symptoms include failure of appetite, and rough hair coat.
Calcium Iodate Organic source of Iodine. Iodine constituent of thyroxine which regulates energy metabolism. Also assists in controlling foot rot and soft tissue lumpy jaw (helps prevent goiter)
Sodium Silico Aluminate Enhances free flowing characteristics of dry powder.
Butylated Hydroxyanisole
Antioxidant to prevent fat rancidity.
Butylated Hydroxytoluene
Antioxidant to prevent fat rancidity.
Citric Acid Antioxidant and acidulant
L-Lysine Essential amino-acid
DL-Methionine Essential amino-acid
Threonine Essential amino-acid
Tryptophan Essential amino-acid