Date Code Guide

The manufacture date code can be found on the back of the package toward the bottom or the side gusset. It will be found in black type and will contain letters and numbers. The date code on your package is not an expiration date, it represents the date the product was manufactured and packaged.

Recommended product shelf life is given on the back of each package and can vary by product. Please refer to your product packaging for shelf life recommendations.

Date Code Examples:

Example: MFD 17OCT02-01

17OCT02 = Packaging Date: date/month/year

-01 is the sequence number for the order the product was packaged. 01 meaning it was the first product of that run.

Example: AD41 7AZ

A = Supplier designation

D = Month of Year:

A = January        D = April           G = July          K = October

B = February      E = May            H = August         L = November

C = March           F = June           J = September   M = December

(Note: we skip “I” and use “J” for September because “I” resembles “1”)

4 = Last digit of the year of manufacture

17 = Day of month

AZ = Line and shift code (not on all packages)

Example: A04/17/15AZ

04/17/15 = Packaging Date: Month/date/year

Example: 1604517

04 = Packaging Month
5 = Packaging Year
17 = Packaging Day of Month


Example: 10112B04/17/15H
04/17/15 = Packaging Date: Month/date/year

Example: 10112BD1517H
D = Packaging Month of Year *see chart above
15 = Packaging Year
17 = Packaging Day of Month