Company Overview

Celebrating 100 Years of Dairy Manufacturing in 2011Milk Products produces dried, powder milk replacers and animal health supplements for several species of livestock and pets.

Based in Chilton, WI, Milk Products is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of high-quality animal milk replacers and young animal health products. Using its innovative manufacturing technology, Milk Products produces over 700 unique animal nutrition products for numerous independent feed manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and large retail chains. Our customers choose whether these products are sold under their private label brand, or under the Sav-A-Caf® or Calf SolutionsTM products brands which is manufactured and marketed by Milk Products.

Milk Products produces milk replacers and animal health products for a variety of species:


Cattle Horses Swine
Sheep Goats Deer and Elk
Llamas Alpaca Poultry

The current scope of our manufacturing capability includes blending, instantizing, and packaging a wide range of powdered animal health and nutrition products, including:

  • Instantized and non-instant milk replacers
  • Easy-mixing colostrum supplements and complete replacers
  • Electrolytes, vitamins, and various other dry powder supplements



Milk Products' Mission, Vision and Quality Policy

Our Mission
Milk Products is a customer-driven company dedicated to providing superior young animal nutrition products and customized support through independent feed manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Our Vision
Milk Products is driven to be a recognized leader in delivering problem-free experiences and product solutions for young animals.

Our Quality Policy
Milk Products is committed to continual improvement in providing product and services that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.



Guiding Principles

We at Milk Products believe in the following core values that guide our daily interactions with customers, suppliers and each other.

Commitment to Excellence
We believe that our COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE is demonstrated in our application of:

Continuous Improvement • Applying a process of incremental improvements to all processes over time, similar to taking steps up a staircase towards a goal.

Innovation • We will encourage each other to make incremental, yet revolutionary changes in the way we think and apply ideas to products or processes successfully.

FOCUS • We believe that members who are engaged will passionately utilize their mind and energy in the task at hand.

Value • We expect our actions will add value by providing better products and experiences as compared to other alternatives available.

Responsiveness • We expect all members to be responsive to customers and each other, reacting in a timely, appropriate manner.

Teamwork • Must be embraced to achieve our common goals through the contribution of different skills, interests and opinions of team members.

Safety • We will do all of these things safely, always acting in a manner that provides an environment free from personal harm or risk.

We see RESPECT as a virtue.

Fairness • Treat each other fairly, considering other points of view and recognizing that all members should be treated justly and equitably. We will work to be as enthusiastic about the success of others as we are about our own.

Professionalism • When we communicate, we will openly share and receive relevant information in a constructive manner, listening actively, offering constructive criticism privately, and praising publicly.

Empowerment • We will encourage members to make decisions in the best interests of the organization, and will encourage personal growth and learning.

Our foundation is built on HONESTY and high ethics.

Integrity • We will treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We will demonstrate our commitment to comply with the letter and intent of laws, employing a solid sense of right and wrong. We must refuse to tolerate destructive internal communication. We recognize that our business requires us to be trustworthy.

Confidentiality • Members must keep information in confidence, accessible only to those authorized to have access, both inside and outside the organization.

Responsibility • We must each take responsibility for our conduct.