Company Overview

Celebrating 100 Years of Dairy Manufacturing in 2011

Based in Chilton, WI, Milk Products is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of high-quality animal milk replacers and young animal health products. Using its innovative manufacturing technology, Milk Products produces over 700 unique animal nutrition products for numerous independent feed manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and large retail chains. Our customers choose whether these products are sold under their private label brand, or under the Sav-A-Caf® or Calf Solutions® products brands which is manufactured and marketed by Milk Products.

Milk Products produces dried, milk replacers and animal health products for a variety of species:


Cattle Horses Swine
Sheep Goats Deer and Elk
Llamas Alpaca Poultry

The current scope of our manufacturing capability includes blending, instantizing, and packaging a wide range of powdered animal health and nutrition products, including:

  • Instantized and non-instant milk replacers
  • Easy-mixing colostrum supplements and complete replacers
  • Electrolytes, vitamins, and various other dry powder supplements


Magic Crystals Magic Crystals for Easy Mixing®

The heart of our manufacturing equipment is the hydrator tower, where moisture is added to dry powder ingredients. As these less dense, re-wet particles fall down through the hydrator they stick to each other forming larger, snowflake-like agglomerates. Later, when the milk replacer powder is added to water, these larger particles literally suck up the water which causes powder to easily melt into solution. Easy to mix product saves time and results in a uniform solution.

There is also a chemical change taking place during the Milk Products manufacturing process involving transformation of alpha forms of crystalline lactose to beta forms, which are more stable. The change results in a finished product that is much more shelf-stable. These new larger particles with improved crystalline lactose are the famous "magic crystals".


Products We Manufacture

Milk Replacers
Using the best ingredients, our expert, professional staff builds integrity into every formulation we make. We understand the complex nature of raising baby animals, from calves to crias, and offer products and knowledge to help raisers maintain the long-term health, vitality and productivity of their animals.

Added Medications - Milk Products also provides a complete range of medicated milk replacers to deal with the common health issues calf raisers encounter. We stay current with the latest research and treatment practices to help your customers choose and use the proper medications to minimize disease and promote vibrant growth.

Nutritional Supplements
We complement our basic milk replacers with scientifically formulated nutrition supplements including electrolytes, colostrum-based replacers and supplements, and add-packs for the milk-feeding stages. We work with you to be sure that you're providing the proper mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for your customers' application and needs.



Milk Products' Mission, Vision and Quality Policy

Our Mission
Milk Products is a customer-driven company dedicated to providing superior young animal nutrition products and customized support through independent feed manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Our Vision
Milk Products is driven to be a recognized leader in delivering problem-free experiences and product solutions for young animals.

Our Quality Policy
Milk Products is committed to continual improvement in providing product and services that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.