Company History

Milk Products' history began with the formation of the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company in 1899. E.A. Stuart eventually changed the name to the Carnation Company. He always had a passion for the dairy industry- both in the production and processing. Shortly after the turn of the century, The Carnation Company created evaporated milk, and began marketing it to grocers in the Pacific Northwest. Recognizing the opportunity to supply consumers in the Midwest, E.A. Stuart purchased a dairy storage facility in Chilton, WI in July of 1911. The future Milk Products company was born.

For years the company manufactured and packaged food for human consumption, including the famous Carnation Evaporated Milk and next, Instantized Powdered Milk.

In 1929 the Carnation Company purchased a feed and grain company called Albers, and this expertise eventually produced milk replacer for calves in the early 1950's.

Production continued elsewhere until 1978, when Carnation made the decision to move milk replacer production to Chilton, WI. It is at this time that food products for people were moved out, and milk replacer products moved into the manufacturing location.

At the Carnation Company, it was the people that created a quality product and experience. Today, it's still our people who make the difference by providing the highest quality products available and delivering on Milk Products' promise of a problem-free experience.

August 1899—Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company founded by E.A. Stuart in Kent, WA.

September 6, 1899—Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company begins manufacturing and marketing canned, evaporated milk for human consumption.

1911—Carnation purchased Calumet Dairy Gold Storage from Frank Tesch and Mr. Freund, owners on July 12, 1911. An additional parcel of land was purchased from Bernard Vogt in March of 1911. Source: "Tales Of Old Chilton" which was a local publication published in 1977

1914—The August 1914 issue of The Creamery and Milk Plant Monthly announced that "Construction work on the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company's entire plant will soon be completed." Following plant modifications, the Chilton plant location produced Carnation Evaporated Milk until 1954

Early 1950's—Carnation milk replacer for calves invented and manufactured in Missouri

1954—Carnation Instant Milk for people invented; The Carnation plant in Chilton, WI began manufacturing Carnation Instant Milk on October 1, 1954 and continued production until 1978

1971—According to the Post Crescent in May 1971, town officials approved the Carnation Company annexation to the City of Chilton

1978—Carnation transitioned production from human grade food products to animal milk replacer manufacturing

1985—Nestle S.A. purchased the Carnation Company, including the feed business. Nestle S.A. was most interested in the food manufacturing and brands.

1986—Manna Pro was formed in 1986 in a management-led buyout of Nestle S.A.'s Los-Angeles-based feed division. Milk Products was part of this sale.

1992—Milk Products was sold to a privately held company and remains with this ownership today

1996—Milk Products purchased the Sav-A-Caf Brand® product family

2015—Milk Products launched the Calf Solutions® product family

These ads represent early milk replacers manufactured by the Carnation Company. The two on top are from 1956 and the Suckle Plus product debuted in advertisements in 1981.
These ads represent early milk replacers manufactured by the Carnation Company. The two on the left are from 1956 and the Suckle Plus product debuted in advertisements in 1981.